Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Removal – Safely and Properly

Do you have asbestos in your home? As legislation gets tighter and fines for inappropriate disposal are more rigorously enforced, you need to ensure you use a fully qualified and experienced contractor

This is where Mattews Contracting Asbestos Removal teams do the jobs properly for your project.

Handling & Disposal

Our Teams are Fully Licensed & Trained to qualify to WorkCover Standards

We are Fully Insured

Operate under the strictest safety standards

All materials are correctly wrapped and disposed of at designated locations in accordance with EPA requirements.

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Asbestos Eaves

Asbestos is found in many homes the Sydney metropolitan area.
lf you suspect that your home or property may require some asbestos removal work please contact us.We believe safety is the up most importance.

Asbestos roof tiles

Asbestos was a common material for making roofing and cladding in the 19SOs and 60s.These buildings are often in need of repair or are being replaced in the current years so the job needs to be done correctly given what we now know about the dangers of asbestos This graphic shows asbestos roof tiles that Matthews Contracting trained staff can remove efficiently and safely.

Residential Bonded Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is commonly found in many homes over Sydney.Our trained and experienced staff remove the asbestos in full sheets and dispose of it at only certified land fill sites.

Contaminated Soil

ln past times it was common practice to use asbestosas boxing for foundations paths and drive was also common for the excess material and offcuts to be simply buried unde rpaths and driveways ons it.ecavations often uncover this material and it must be treatedwith thesamerespectasanyasbestoseven though it is mixed with soil. Matthews Contracting can remove this contaminated soil correctly and dispose of it in compliance with the legislated requirements at a licensed site

Your Safety is our Priority

At Matthews Contracting we believe safety Is the highest priority,we ensure our works are carried out in strict conformance with WorkCover Guidelines, al of Matthews employees wear full protective clothing and to carryout removalwork thoroughly and proficiently

We ensure that all contaminated material must be carted and disposed of in certified landfill sites.