Testing Services

NATA Accredited Testing

OmniTest is an Australian owned NATA accredited testing company. We offer a range a of testing services to meet Australian standards for impact, acoustic, wind and water penetration/structural, corrosion and security requirements.

Testing services

Windows & Doors

Window & Door Testing

AS4420.1 / AS2047
OmniTest’s structural test rigs are designed to test doors and windows to comply with performance standards outlined in the Australian…
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Security Screens & Grilles

Security Screen and Grille Testing

AS5039 / AS5041
Security Screen and Grille Testing AS5039 / AS5041 OmniTest is NATA accredited to test security screen doors and windows to…
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Openable Windows

Protection of Openable Windows

OmniTest is NATA accredited to test openable windows that are restricted or protected in accordance with Australian Standard AS 5203:2016…
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Neutral Salt Spray

Neutral Salt Spray

AS 2331.3.1 Methods of test for metallic and related coatings Corrosion and related property tests- Neutral salt spray test is…
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Artificial Weathering/UV

Artificial Weathering/UV

Accelerated aging studies are primarily performed in accordance with ASTM G154. ASTM G154 testing uses fluorescent light sources that can…
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Acoustic Performance

Acoustic Performance

AS1191 / ISO 717.1
Acoustic Testing AS1191 Measurement of Airborne Sound OmniTest’s Acoustic Suite is engineered to measure the airborne sound reduction index of…
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Impact Resistance

Debris Impact

AS1170.2 Debris Impact OmniTest’s Debris Impact Cannon is designed to test windows, doors, and screens for their resistance to windborne…
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Building Facades Testing

AS4284 Building Facades Testing

AS4284 Building Facades Testing OmniTest’s curtain wall rig is designed to test the performance of building facades in compliance with…
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Coming Soon

Knife Resistance

Testing service coming soon. An update will be given when this service is ready to be booked.
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