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AS4284 Building Facades Testing

OmniTest is a NATA accredited laboratory and completed tests can be issued with a NATA endorsed test report.

AS4284 Building Facades Testing

OmniTest’s curtain wall rig is designed to test the performance of building facades in compliance with Australian Standard AS 4284:2008 – Testing of building facades.

Methodology/Test Sequence:

Preliminary test (required):

  • Static Pressure: the test sample shall be subjected to positive and negative SLS design wind pressures for the duration of 10 seconds.
  • Water: The sample shall be exposed to water under static and cyclic pressures

Structural test at Serviceability limit state (required): 

Determines the wind-loaded span of the specimen under a specified or predetermined pressure, measured in Pascals.

Air Infiltration (optional):

Determines the resistance to air infiltration when the specimen is under pressure and measured through base and total readings.

Water penetration (required):

  • Static Pressure: The specimen is sprayed uniformly with water over a period of 15 minutes.
  • Cyclic Pressure: The specimen is exposed to water in three stages under specified cyclic pressures determined in accordance with geographical location.

Strength test at Ultimate Limit State (required):

The specimen is subjected to a load that will determine its capacity to withstand differential pressure.

AS4284 Building Facades Testing

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