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Window & Door Testing

OmniTest is a NATA accredited laboratory and completed tests can be issued with a NATA endorsed test report.

OmniTest’s structural test rigs are designed to test doors and windows to comply with performance standards outlined in the Australian Standard AS 2047 – Windows and external glazed doors in buildings.

AS 2047 provides designers and manufacturers with performance requirements and specifications for their products.


The methodology, conducted to the requirements of AS 2047, are outlined in Australian Standard AS 4420.1:2016 – Windows, external glazed, timber, and composite doors – Methods of test

The steps and sequence required in this process are:

  1. Deflection/Span Ratio: Determines the wind-loaded span of the specimen when under a specified or predetermined pressure, measured in Pascals.
  2. Operating Force: Determines the force in Newtons required to open and close a specimen and to ascertain the sustaining force needed for the operation of the door or window.
  3. Air Infiltration: Determines resistance to air infiltration when the specimen is under pressure and measured through the base and total readings.
  4. Water Penetration: Determines the penetration resistance to water of the test specimen whilst the door or window is under pressure. The specimen is sprayed uniformly with water over a period of 15 minutes.
  5. Ultimate Strength: Specimen is subjected to a load that will determine its capacity to withstand differential pressure.

All of the above steps/tests can be conducted in OmniTest’s structural test rigs.

The test rigs can accommodate specimens up to a maximum size of 3224mm (H) x 4600mm (W).

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